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Paid Advertising


Paid Advertising Strategy

Marketing is an investment. Where you put your money and how much money you make off that investment is an important decision to make. There is no silver bullet when it comes to paid advertising and advertising strategies. You have to take into account your business, your industry, the market, your clients, your audience, and a multitude of other things to effectively make your advertising work for you. 

When we work together, we will put together a plan for getting the most return on your investment to get the most marketing reach out of each dollar. 

Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have their own pros and cons. The pro is how much time the average person spends on Facebook. Combine that with the overall cheapness of advertising on Facebook as compared to other traditional advertising mediums, and you have a recipe for success. 

A con of Facebook ads is the mindset someone is in when they are on Facebook. Usually they are chatting with friends, checking out memes, or just killing time. It may not be the ideal time to see an ad for a tow truck (but it might be.) There are many factors that play a role in Facebook ads and to do it right takes time to learn and can be costly. If you are going to do your own ads, do some research first on how the Facebook advertising platform works. 

Paid Google Ads (Pay per click / PPC)

When you search on Google, the first 1-3 items that show up are paid advertisers that paid to be displayed for some variation of the words that you searched. If you have a service that people would search for (think: tow truck near me) then Google AdWords and pay per click is an extremely powerful tool for you. 

And the bonus? If they don't click your link, then you don't pay anything. 

This can be expensive if you spread your search keywords too wide and get a lot of useless clicks. On the other hand if you focus it properly, your business can benefit greatly from PPC ads. 

Paid LinkedIn Ads

Think LinkedIn is a powerful tool for B2B marketing efforts? Just wait until you see the numbers for LinkedIn Advertising. With the right strategy advertising on LinkedIn could be a single source of leads for some businesses. I don't recommend that you focus all your ad spend on LinkedIn without careful consideration of your plan and the other platforms as well. 

Just like with Facebook Ads, be sure to check the latest research and do some homework before you jump right in on LinkedIn Paid Advertising.

Paid Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are similar to Facebook ads but the audience and the advantages are slightly different. Instagram is a very visual medium and its consumed much faster than other platforms (people scrolling). Therefore if you want to stand out and be effective on Instagram you need to have very catching and disruptive visuals, videos and your product/service offering needs to be consumed quickly. 

If you feel like advertising on Instagram could be a possibility for you, I'd love to work with you to make a plan for your business. 

Paid YouTube Ads

YouTube advertising is quickly becoming one of my favorite marketing strategies. People spend so much time on YouTube that their focus and attention is on the screen. Then if they decide to skip the advertisement then you don't pay. 

There are some tricks to video advertising on YouTube and the quality of your videos can vary significantly depending on your message and your offering. Take the time to try different strategies and see what works for you and your audience. 

Paid Print Ads

While we're discussing paid advertising we have to mention print advertising. This includes newspapers, magazines, and nowadays also includes online news media as well. These all have specific readerships and unique advantages and disadvantages. Similar to the other paid advertising mentions above in the digital world, you should do the same market research before jumping into buying ad space in print materials. For some businesses, industries, and target markets, this could be the best use of your ad budget. For others it could be a complete waste of time. If you need help with research or deciding how to best reach and convert your audience into customers, we're happy to help. 

Not sure yet?

Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss what's best for you together. 

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