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Content Marketing


Blogs & Articles

Blogging is a strong marketing strategy for a few reasons. Firstly it establishes credibility. By posting significant amounts of information about a topic, it shows you truly know and understand the topic. Secondly, it boosts your SEO because the sheer volume of text and number of relevant keywords that appear in your blog. As an added bonus, if you are blogging on a site other than your website, then when you link back to your site it creates an SEO advantage called back links. 

All of this to say, if you're not blogging as a marketing strategy, you should consider adding a couple to your marketing plan. Reddit and Tumblr are great places to start throwing blogs to see what people's reactions are. You can also get people to come from Reddit or Tumblr to visit your website and even become a customer. 

Vlogs & Video Content

Video marketing is growing more in more in popularity. With people spending more and more time consuming videos, its only natural for you to include it in your marketing. There are different strategies when it comes to video marketing and all have pros and cons. The low budget strategy just involves using a phone to record video and have little to no scripting or preparation. These low budget clips are perfect for Facebook live, Instagram, and even YouTube or social media posting. 

The opposite strategy is to produce highly polished, scripted and edited shots. These cost significantly more and have a high-end feel to them. They look professional and could even be television commercial quality. 

Both strategies hold water and are effective. In fact, some studies argue more people watch the low budget video content on social media feeds than the more polished content. ​
In general, consistency and quality play bigger roles in the success of your videos than the dollars spent on them. 

FAQ, Vocab/Jargon, Industry Secrets

You have been in your industry for a number of years. You have learned from countless experiences. Your customer may not be so lucky. If we use real estate sales as an example, a good real estate agent knows everything there is to know about selling a house. But for the client, this could be her first time selling. She is unsure and has numerous questions about everything. If her agent starts using industry jargon or making her feel dumb for not knowing something that may be obvious to the agent, the agent could lose the client. 

When we work with our clients, we help them put everything into plain English. We put together FAQ sheets so that when your customer comes to you with questions, you can sit down with them and go over the sheets to preemptively address their concerns. You can make a vocab sheet with common language that is used so that they feel like they are in the know and more importantly that you care about them. 

Why Hire Me...

If you don't know why your clients should hire you, then how can you expect them to know why to hire you either. If you say prices, customer service, quality, etc, I'll save you some time and tell you that every other person in your industry says the same thing. 

When you work with us, we help you identify all your clients needs and their motivations for buying and then help you position yourself head and shoulders above the competition. We work together to make them choosing you the obvious decision. Then we blast this all over your marketing to make the world know.

What Makes Us Different...

Along the same lines as knowing why your client should hire you, you should also know what everyone else in your industry is doing and what they do well and where they fall short. If asked who your competitors are, you should be able to list every one of them. 

Once you know each of your competitors, take the time to do your homework and learn about them, their processes and what brings them customers. 

In the case of our clients, we map this all out with you in detail to cover the pros and cons of all your competitors and then help you strategies your unique position in the marketplace (and then of course, blast it to the world in your marketing).

About Us...

Once you know what makes you special and what your competitors are doing good/bad, you now can put together a detailed "About Us" that effectively shows your strengths and unique selling points (USPs) to the world. This will become part of your brand and help you in making future marketing materials and knowing what content to post. 

Our copywriters can work with you to put together your ideal About Us to give you the edge you need to be seen as the powerhouse in your market. 

Our History...

People don't just buy your products and services, they buy your story and history as well. They want to know who you are, how you got to where you are, and even where you plan to go in the future. They want to know what you stand for and that their money is going to something they support. 

Now you don't have to give them all that in your history but you should give them the highlights. Let them see that you're more than just a money making corporation. Talk about how your grandfather taught you how to weld or that you're showing your kids how to pave roads too. Need help? We've got you. 

About Our Team...

Once you've built up and cleaned up the background for your company, now you do the same with your employees. Start with bios and headshots of your team. Want to do more? Get short video clip interviews of each talking about their background, role in the team, and service/expertise they bring to your clients. That gives you plenty of content to add to your social media marketing as well. 

Pictures, names, stories, and videos sell. If you want more business, use your team. 

About the Owner...

Don't forget yourself when you're putting together bios and backstories. You are the star of the show and the one your customers will expect to depend on to make sure that your business delivers what you say it does. Show your experience, your background and how it got you to where you are.

For bonus points, show that you've made mistakes and struggled along the way. Its hard to relate to someone who seems flawless but if they see that you're another person working their tail off just like them, then they are more likely to relate to you when they need your service and more understanding when things don't go exactly to plan. 

Owner Quotes...

Looking for something to post on your social media? Quotes are a good choice but quotes from the owner of the company are even better. Start making a list of quotes, questions, or suggestions you've made to clients or employees and then when you need something to post, you have something in your back pocket. 

Not sure yet?

Schedule a free consultation and we can discuss what's best for you together. 

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