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The Secret To Getting More Paying Customers

WITHOUT Hiring Anyone

(And Without a Marketing Company)

Dear Business Owner,

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Page Ollice

CEO of Sharper Steel

This is NOT a webinar series to get you to buy something.

This is NOT a sales pitch to get you to join a group.

This is NOT a way for me to get you to buy my course. 

This IS a step-by-step guide for marketing your business. 

This IS a proven strategy that I used to grow my business. 

This IS a way for you to manage your business without increasing your overhead with employees or a marketing company. 

(Disclosure, we ARE a marketing company and CAN help you by providing marketing for your company but this guide can help you so that YOU DON'T NEED US.)

But first, let's clear the air.

You've talked to business coaches before who taught you about your "mindset". 
You've read ALL the books and can quote Gary Vee with the best of them. 
You've written blogs. 
You wasted money on Facebook Ads. 
You've even tried marketing on Linkedin.
You're tired of posting on 10 different social media accounts. 
You're never cold-calling another business.
And you're not changing your website (again.)
You just want SALES. 
Does this sound familiar?
How do I know? 
I've been there. 
I've worked with over 120 businesses. 
Listen. This guide is everything you need to grow your business. It covers all the basics to make sure you have the foundations and it covers advanced stuff like which tools I use to save 2-6 hours every day. 
But, if you have bad quality, can't deliver on time, or if your pricing and financials are wrong, then this guide won't fix everything for you. 
This guide isn't the silver bullet for a failing business. Its the ladder to bring a stable business to the next level. 
If your business is healthy, then this guide will amplify your healthy company and grow it bigger. 
If your business is damaged, then these strategies will amplify those defects and could even make your situation worse.
Let me explain....

A Little Bit About Me...

I used to own a marketing company in Honolulu. 

Business owners hired me to "get them more leads"

I would do all the marketing, advertising, and deliver 100's of leads 

And then watch as the business owner dropped them all on the floor


What do I mean by "dropped them on the floor"?

They would forget to follow up

They would not have a professional script for talking to customers

They didn't have a list for keeping their contact info

They didn't bother with a CRM to manage communications

They sent out proposals and never followed up

They sent invoices and just prayed they got paid

Sometimes they even forgot to bill the customers

So now the business owner blames me for giving them "bad leads" 

And I'm mad at them for ruining the leads I got.

So I changed my approach.

I agreed to get business owners leads 

But ONLY if they agreed to have me polish up their pipeline first

I built Contact Databases and CRM's

I automated sales funnels.

I wrote sales scripts for assistants to read on the phone.

I wrote email templates for every stage of the sales cycle

THEN I gave them the leads.

And guess what.


More sales. 

Less drop offs.

Faster payments.

Less time running around chasing customers.

Less time writing and responding to emails.

Happier customers.

When I moved to New Mexico, I wanted to help businesses. 

I started Sharper Steel to take over businesses from Baby Boomers without kids. 

That way their legacy lives on and I can run their business. 

(And they can retire in comfort)

As I got around and met more and more business owners, 

I found that the same issues in Honolulu are here in New Mexico.

Business owners are overwhelmed trying to juggle everything. 

They don't have the money to hire more people

And they are tired of being scammed by "Business Coaches" "Marketing Guru's" and "Lead Generation Experts"

It hurt me to watch them suffer. 

So I agreed to help a few business owners. 

Then a few more. 

And more. 

Pretty soon I had a list of business owners who wanted my help.

I simply don't have enough time. 

So I made a checklist. 

A simple guide that business owners can follow and get all their business needs taken care of. 

They can grow their business without getting scammed. 

I expanded on the checklist from new startup all the way through scaling the business, hiring employees, and even selling the business. 

It turned into a 50 page checklist and called it "The Business Bible"

But NO one wants to read a 50 page checklist. 

I don't even want to read that. 

So I've simplified it. 

I cut it into chunks focusing on one topic. 

Formatted in an easy-to-use way that doesnt waste time. 

This is the Marketing Section of that Business Bible.

What EXACTLY are you getting?

This is unlike any book you've ever read or any coaching advice you've ever gotten. 

I will give you a step by step directions on how to set up your marketing, which tools to use, how to link things together, and how to use them most effectively. 

You'll get a checklist for your business to make sure you have the basics. 

Then you'll be able to fill in the gaps of things you were missing and improve things you were already doing to grow your business. 

No fluff. 

Your time is too precious to waste. 

This guide is designed for you to be able to knock out in 14 days. (I had one person who did it all in a weekend but I don't know how she got any sleep.)

And I know you're wondering, No, it DOES NOT matter what your business is or what industry you're in. This guide will help you strengthen and grow your business. 

I know many business owners are all about the numbers...

There's more to this guide than just a checklist. Here's just a fraction of what you can expect...

A simple checklist of Business Basics to make sure you have the foundation work done.

Easy digital marketing strategies that work (that marketing companies don't want you to know!)

A list of free online tools for business owners to use to grow their business (I've used all of them) 

A crash course on Copy Writing and how to make content that MAKES YOU MONEY

My own private tips that I use with my clients to get results FAST.

And More...

I'm so excited to see your business grow and flourish that I'm going to sweeten this deal. You'll also get:

A FREE One-on-One

Strategy Session with Me

I want to make SURE your business sees growth so I'm going to do a Strategy Session with you to get you going. 

I normally charge clients $250 for Strategy Sessions but I want you to be 100% sure that I'm setting you up for success. 

This way you can ask me any questions you have and go over a master plan for you going forward. 

Plus we can discuss your pricing, your operations, and the other aspects of your business to make sure you're ready to grow

I have worked with over 100 businesses. 

I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I know what to look for and what obstacles can ruin businesses. This is your chance to get expert help that normally is reserved for large businesses. 

So, who is this guide for?

This guide is for local small businesses that want to grow

This guide is for startups that want to get into the market.

This guide is for the overwhelmed business owner trying to do everything.

This guide is for Solo-preneurs and Freelancers who want more business. 

This guide is for owners that spend too much time on social media

This guide is for owners that blog every day

This is for the business owners that want to get to the next level but aren't sure what's holding them back

If you're a business owner and want more customers...

If you want to spend less time on your business...

If you want to spend more time on the things you love...

Then this guide is for you. 

Here's How This Works.

You've tried all the other stuff. 

You're ready for something different.

You're ready for change. 

This is that change. 

  • The price for the Business Basics Worksheet is ...............$150

  • The Digital Marketing Strategy Guide is ................................$250

  • My Secret Stash of Online Tools is ............................................$150

  • My Copy Writing Cheat Sheet is ..................................................$200

  • The list of Private Tips I've learned along the way is PRICELESS 

  • Plus the Strategy Session with me is ......................................$250

So the total value of all this is over $1,000.00

I'm NOT making you pay $1,000.00 

I won't even charge you half of that. 

You'll get all of this 90% off.


That's right.


I'm only charging you $100

You'll get all $1,000 of this for only $100 from this page only.

So why am I doing this...?


There's NO Catch!

Untitled design (3).png

I'm sure you're wondering why someone with my level of experience would practically GIVE away everything I've learned.

Here's the thing. 

I started Sharper Steel as a way to help businesses. Its an Economic Development company because I want to see New Mexico succeed. 

I make money from my other projects. This guide just has to pay for its own advertising cost so that I can keep helping small business owners. 


I want to see New Mexican business owners succeed. 

I want to see local businesses grow and hire more people.

I want to see more local people buying from local businesses. 

I want to see small businesses able to compete with the large ones. 

I want to see local businesses being passed down generation to generation.

I want to see New Mexico businesses using the best practices so that they can grow healthy and support everyone who depends on them. 

I want to see your business grow and last for generations. 

Unfortunately, I can't help every business owner in New Mexico one-on-one. 

Even group classes and workshops would be a stretch for all the people that need my help. 

Instead I've put together this guide. 

(Maybe someday I'll put together a video version or a webinar if people want that but I like being able to print something out and check off items on the list until I'm done. If you're interested, let me know.)

I only work with go-getters.

I have a lot on my plate right now.


  • I'm buying companies from owners looking to retire.

  • I'm building large scale infrastructure projects to give internet to rural communities.

  • I help numerous small business owners get their businesses ironed out.


My time is limited so I don't work with people who lack drive.


I'm happy to help businesses owners grow their companies and help their local communities as long as its fun for me. 


But once working with a client feels like a chore, I'm not having fun anymore. So I'm very selective about who I work with. 


The first thing I look for is people who make a decision fast. So I'm only offering all this through this webpage. After you leave this page, you can pay normal pricing like everyone else.  

And of course, I'm not looking to scam anyone so I offer a money-back guarantee on all my work. 

World's Safest Guarentee

I'm just here to help business owners like you succeed. 

So I 100% Guarantee you'll love this guide and working with me or I'll return your $100 AND let you keep everything anyway!


That's right. 


You don't even have to send anything back. 


Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your $100 with no questions asked.


How's that for fair?

Order Your Marketing Guide Now


Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to speaking with you soon.




P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end, here's the deal:

I'm offering you


  • My Business Basics Worksheet

  • My Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

  • My Secret Stash of Online Tools

  • My Copy Writing Cheat-sheet

  • My collection of Private Tips I've learned over the years

  • Plus a One-on-One Strategy Session with me


All 90% off.


Over $1,000 value all for only $100.


This means you'll be able to follow the simple step-by-step checklists (like Legos or Ikea) to first find any gaps in your business that need to be filled. 

Then you'll be able to easily go through your business and optimize each piece to get it into the best possible position.

And once you have the high ground, you can follow my guide to grow and scale your business getting more leads, retaining more prospects and converting more customers.  

All this to say, you'll make more money. 

(Plus you'll save a lot of time doing it this way so if that's an issue you're facing currently, then that's another benefit to following this guide.)


On top of all that, I'm also giving you a one-on-one Strategy Session (usually $250) with me to go over your entire business (not just your marketing) to identify other gaps and opportunities that you can jump on.


And I'll be able to answer any questions you have and get you on the right path moving forward. .


I only work with driven and decisive people so this offer is only available on this page. 


There is no "catch" to this offer. You will not be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that for getting this guide. 


In fact, if you don't like the guide, let me know and I'll even give you back the $100. You don't even need to send anything back.

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