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The 5-Step Cheat Sheet to Raising

Your Business to the Next Level


Only $7.95

Bulletproof Your Business Guide Includes:

  • Checking Your Foundations - Legal, Financial, Marketing, Liability, & Biz Basics
  • Locating Your Gaps - Pricing, Bookkeeping, Customers, Marketing
  • Identifying Your Vulnerabilities - Market Research, Obstacles, Competition
  • Reinforcing Your Weaknesses - Partnering, Hiring, and Contracting Skills Strategically
  • Next-Level Thinking - Thinking like a pro player instead of a backyard baller.
Get 90% Off Our Complete
Business Owner's Marketing Guide

Your information is 100% Secure and Will NEVER be shared with anyone.

"A business that isn't growing is dying."


When you follow a proven system and a step by step guide, raising your business to the next level should be a calculated and predictable process

Dear Business Owner, 


Local businesses are the backbone of our economic future.


If a local business closes, we all lose. We created Sharper Steel to buy those businesses that may be in danger of closing and modernize them to live on.

When a small business grows or reaches the next level, we all win. We created Sharper Steel Marketing to push local companies forward and help them scale.


Growing a business is like cooking:

There are ingredients that need to be added in the right order at the right time and in the right amounts.

When this is done well, you have a predictable and consistent result -- A successful business. 


We’ve helped over 150 businesses already and want to share our recipe with you. So we’ve created a complete 100-page guide for successfully starting, running, and growing a business. We call this guide: The Business Bible. This guide is only a portion of that Bible.


Each guide is designed to be clear, actionable, and simple to implement. You can just print and go!

Our Vision is to empower local individuals to start, grow, and sustain businesses ​that support their communities and live on for generations.

Our Mission is to provide organizational and operational support, ​and customized expertise to local businesses. 

Congratulations on your business!



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Page Ollice

Founder & CEO

Sharper Steel

PS. After you get your cheat sheet, I'll show you my full marketing guide specifically for business owners to get more customers (without hiring anyone or using a marketing agency)

Your information is 100% Secure and Will NEVER be shared with anyone.

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